9 dynamic modules of the Excecutive M.B.L.-HSG in 9 destinations.

From St. Gallen to Tokyo, from Brussels to New York or from Shanghai to Luxemburg: The program was structured into nine attendance modules, in different fields of international and European business law. Attending in a flexible manner over a period of 18 – 30 month, the candidates could combine job, studies and family.

Module St. Gallen

International law. This module sets out the groundwork in European and international business law. read more >>

Module Luxembourg

Lobbying & Litigation. In order to understand today‘s European and international business environment, a broad basic knowledge of the legal strategies and techniques used by business actors to influence the policy process is needed. read more >>

Module Shanghai

Law & Business in China. How do you gain a foothold, and maximize potential opportunities, in the world’s largest market and successfully navigate its ever changing legal landscape? read more >>

Module Harvard (supplementary)

Negotiation. Harvard Law School’s reputation is legendary, but the reality is even better. read more >>

Module Zurich (Vaduz until 2014)

Finance. Globalization, rapid advances in technology, unprecedented innovation and shifting regulatory regimes put particular challenges on the financial industry and financial markets. read more >>

Module Brussels  (Vienna until 2010)

Competition Law & Economics. Whether competition law protects consumers, the market structure, or both, is the subject of an ongoing discussion in academia and practice. read more >>

Module Tokyo

Law & Business in Japan. Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in the world and the financial, industrial, and commercial center of Japan. read more >>

Diploma Thesis

For their Executive M.B.L.-HSG master thesis, candidates have the option of either selecting a topic from a given list proposed by the faculty, or suggesting a topic of their own which might be relevant to their current place of work. The work is supervised by a member of the Executive M.B.L.-HSG faculty. The thesis has to have a length of about 50 text pages without the list of sources and the appendix. Follow this link to read a selection of the best master theses of the past years. read more >>

Module Frankfurt

M & A. Mergers and Acquisitions are among the most important capital market transactions. read more >>

Module New York

International Taxation. NYU’s International Tax Program is unique in the world. read more >>

Module Austin

IT & Energy Law. Today‘s digital technology makes global copying and distribution of texts easy, fast and inexpensive. read more >>